New Business Survival Kit

I’ve put together some essential help to make sure you set up your business in the best way to protect yourself and your family and to help you create the business you want and keep as much of the profits as possible to benefit you and your family.

Running your own business and providing for your family are honourable and meaningful activities, we’d love to help you achieve your potential.

I have written a new business guide that takes you through everything you need to do to get started with your new business. So if you need help:

  • Deciding if you want to be a sole trader, a limited company or a partnership.

  • What you need to do to stay legal.

  • Working out how you’ll do your bookkeeping.

  • What expenses you’ll need to keep for tax.

  • Deciding what business, professional and personal goals to set yourself.

  • Working out how to do a business plan.

  • Deciding if you need to review your protection and savings.

Then the new business guide is for you.

Tax Credits

Tax credits can be a life line to new business, a bit of careful thought can transform your personal finances. Many people who start a business have never claimed a benefit in their lives, and are amazed how easy it is. Just to be clear, with tax credits the government just puts money in your bank account each month, if you’ve got a few children this can run into four figures, each month. Just for the avoidance of doubt:

  • You can be rich and get tax credits; they depend on income not wealth.

  • People without children can get working tax credits.

  • If you have a limited company you can plan your personal income with half an eye on the effect on your tax credits.

If you want us to help you with this please ring us for your free no obligation meeting.

Let’s Meet

It’s best to meet up as early in the process as possible. Our initial consultations are not sales meetings, they are there to add value and help you. I have created a structured meeting that takes you through all the things you need to know, but of course it’s flexible so we tailor it to your needs. Together we’ll:

  • Make sure you’re set up the best way for your personal financial security and to minimise your tax. Don’t underestimate this, the effect can be huge.

  • Make sure you understand the system and what you need to do.

  • Discuss what you want from your business, financially, of course, but also professional goals or the integrity of what you do, and the time you want to spend with your family.

  • You might want to get in touch with other people who can help you, we make it our business to be well connected.

The tax system can be a bit odd. We find that the best way to help make sure you have a good understanding of what you need to know is to meet up.

Book a meeting by emailing me and we can help you make a great start.

We offer you
  • Flexible meeting locations including home or work visits

  • Or alernatively by Telephone, Facetime or Skype

  • Unlimited support

  • Busy during the week? Meet on weekends

  • All our work is 100% guaranteed. Sensible terms and conditions apply.

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