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Xero is compatible with your iphones, smart phones, ipads and tablets.


Cloud based accounting software is the biggest change to accountancy since double entry bookkeeping. We recommend Xero it's fun, looks good and is easy to use. Xero is designed for small businesses with plenty of add ons to meet your business needs. Xero gives you the power to stay on top of your accounts from you phone.

  • No need to install, maintain or host an accounts program saving you time and money.

  • Access to your data any time any place. You can do your bookkeeping while you wait to pick up your kids from school.

  • Beautiful technology that’s easy and intuitive to use. You’ll enjoy working with it.

  • The flow of information, for example from your bank or to your customers, flows pretty much automatically saving you time.

  • Great real time information so you have up to the minute information where ever you have internet access. Great for when you have meetings with clients or suppliers.

  • We can advise you in real time not ‘when you bring the books in’.

It integrates really well with bank feeds, and has easy reconciliations. What it makes possible is for you to do your business (pay the wages, send invoices, receive bank statements etc.) and the bookkeeping is done behind the scenes automatically. This saves you huge amounts of time and it saves us time too – automated transactions set up correctly don’t get misposted!

This means that we work differently. We check your records regularly during the year; we don’t wait until the year end. We help you as the year unfolds so we can make a difference to you by interpreting your numbers in real time. Spending our time advising you not ‘doing the numbers’.

The Benefits of Using Xero

When you convert to Xero you’ll start to notice how much time you have on your hands; the bank feeds, the level of automation and the ‘add ons’ such as receipt bank will save you a bundle of time.

As you get deeper into it you’ll find that with instant access any time any where you’ll start knowing your numbers and being better informed about your business.

You’ll be able to work with your accountant better because they have access to your numbers at the same time as you. For us this means we can advise you in real time helping you make a difference here, now, not just 6 months after the year end (‘when the battle‘s lost and won’).

Ingenious Accountants, as Xero partners, are one of the leading Xero experts in the London. That means that you can trust us to set you up properly and advise you thoroughly.

Why Do I Need a Xero Expert?

We have converted ourselves into a Xero based practice. This means that your client manager and partner will be Xero qualified so they will be able to answer all your questions in full. You will want to know which ‘add ons’ you can use to benefit your business - expert advice will help. But a Xero based practice is much more than this, it looks at your data in real time and helps you in real time, doing your accounts as you go along not months after the year end.

It might seem easy or trivial, but creating a Xero based practice, isn't hard and you’ll really notice the difference in the service you get.

How Do I Change To Xero?

Let us know and we’ll take you through the process in a logical simple way.

In summary: Changing to a new system will take a few weeks to get used to; we’ll be there to help you. We’d expect you to have questions such as ‘how do I …..’ or ‘where can I do….’ Xero is very intuitive and easy to use but we expect to help you master it.

If you want, you too can do the course and sit the exam, to become Xero qualified!

  • Together we’ll set a change over date.

  • We’ll set up your Xero account for you along with your bank feeds.

  • We’ll show you how to use Xero.

  • Set you up to transfer your history if required.

  • We’ll help you create your ledgers.

I Use Manual Records Will I Be Able To Cope?

40% of people who join Xero do so from manual records or Spreadsheets. You are not alone. It’s not a problem. Maybe you’ve out grown manual records or you could never get your head round Sage. You’ll be in for a treat. In our experience people who go from manual records become the biggest Xero fans because of the efficiency savings, the ease of use and it’s so visually appealing.

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